Kathleen Barton
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  • Do you lack a sense of purpose?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed with all your responsibilities?
  • Is your life out of balance?
Kathleen Barton, MBA, empowers professionals to live a purpose-driven and balanced life.


As a keynote speaker, workshop presenter, and life coach, Kathleen Barton specializes in life purpose, career success, and work-life balance.

Keynote Presentations

  • Become inspired and motivated to live your life on purpose.


  • Gain the “know-how” and tools to immediately apply to your work and life.


  • Learn key information in a short period of time from the convenience of your home or office.

Coaching – One-On-One and Group

  • Get the support you need to make positive sustained changes in your life.

You will be able to:

  • Define your unique purpose in life
  • Discover your passion
  • Clarify and live according to your values and priorities
  • Achieve your most important priorities
  • Manage your time better
  • Renew and refresh yourself

This will result in:

  • Greater productivity and effectiveness
  • A purpose-driven and fulfilling life
  • A more balanced life
  • More peace and less stress
  • A greater sense of accomplishment and satisfaction

Organizations will gain employees or members who:

  • Are more productive and effective
  • Will make a greater contribution
  • Are more motivated and loyal to the organization

Professional Profile

Over twenty years ago Kathleen realized her life was out of balance. She spent all her time working, going to school, and studying. She didn't have time for her husband much less herself. Faced with the prospect of losing her marriage, she realized she had totally lost sight of her priorities. That was the start of her life balance journey.

As a reformed workaholic, Kathleen Barton, MBA, specializes in life purpose and life balance. She draws on her own experiences (having worked in alternate work arrangements) to help others live their life according to their purpose, values, and priorities.

For over twenty years Kathleen has presented to a variety of audiences, including professional women's associations, high technology and healthcare. Key clients include eWomenNetwork, Hewlett-Packard Company, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Sutter Health, Women in Technology International, Veterans Healthcare Administration, and Yahoo! Inc., among others. Kathleen has coached numerous professionals from major corporations. As a certified Life Coach, she specializes in career and life coaching.

Passport to Priorities

Kathleen is the author of:

  • Connecting With Success
  • Finding Your Purpose and Passion in Life
  • Passport to Priorities: Your Road Map to Balanced Living NEW!

Her work has been featured in numerous publications including The Executive, Real Life Healthcare and The Wall Street Journal Online.

Kathleen Barton helps professionals navigate the road to purpose, balance and fulfillment.
"Knowledge, expertise and professionalism with personality!"
Bill Treuttner, Market Intelligence Manager - Hewlett-Packard Company
"Wow! I got a lot out of your presentation. It opened my eyes to what was really important to me. The presentation gave me renewed energy for both work and home. Thank you!"
Kimberly Read, Director of Events - California Trucking Association
"Thank you, Kathleen, for all your help in getting me to where I am today. It's made a positive impact on my life."
Madia Risi, Corporate Gift and Incentive Consultant - RMG International

Kathleen Barton - Your Life Balance Coach