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Kathleen's Bio

About Kathleen

Kathleen Barton has a passion for helping women fulfill their God-given potential. She inspires women to discover their purpose and passion, and live their life according to their purpose, values and priorities

Over twenty years ago Kathleen realized her life was out of balance. She spent all her time working, going to school, and studying. She didn't have time for her husband much less herself. Faced with the prospect of losing her marriage, Kathleen realized she had totally lost sight of her priorities. That was the start of her life balance journey.

Kathleen turned to God for help, and made Him her first priority. Writing her personal vision statement helped Kathleen clarify her values, and gave her focus and direction. She sought alternative work arrangements to give priority to her family and bring balance into her life. Today, Kathleen, a "reformed workaholic", puts first things first in her life.

Conference and Retreat Speaker

Kathleen is a sought-after conference and retreat speaker for women's groups. Her engaging and dynamic presentations inspire women to live a life of purpose, balance and fulfillment. Kathleen shares truths from scripture, real-life examples and engaging stories that women can relate to. She also incorporates a unique blend of song and dance to illustrate key points. Audience members enjoy Kathleen's warm, passionate and personable style. This client quote attests to Kathleen's presentation style.

"Kathleen is very passionate about the work she does, as it shows in her presentation style and her ability to connect with her audience."

- Delia Genera, Sacramento, CA

Life Balance Coach

Kathleen coaches women who feel overwhelmed with their various responsibilities, want to be more productive and effective, and experience more peace and less stress in their lives. Kathleen helps her clients clarify their purpose, values and goals, attain their goals more quickly, and maintain better life balance.

Professional Experience

Kathleen has over 20 years experience in human resource management and development. She worked as a Corporate Trainer, Training Consultant, Mentoring Program Manager, and Leadership Development Program Manager for a Fortune 100 company.

Kathleen earned a Masters degree in Business and a Bachelors degree in Psychology from California State Universities. As a Certified Life Coach, she received her training from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.


Kathleen and her husband live in the Sierra Foothills of northern California and have two adult children. Kathleen is active in her local church. She is a Women's Ministry leader and also sings on the worship team.


Kathleen Barton - Your Life Balance Coach