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Tired of canned presentations?
Finally... a speaker who "hits the mark"!

Why Hire Kathleen Barton?

As a motivational speaker Kathleen Barton will inspire your audience to live a life of purpose, balance and achievement! Organizations gain more motivated, productive, and loyal people.


Kathleen's presentations will captivate your audience.

"What a great speech! I was thoroughly mesmerized! There is so much I could relate to that I felt I hung on to your every word."
Sonia Arvanites, Customer Support Representative

Kathleen takes time to understand your organization.

"Kathleen understands our organization and adapts her expertise to make sure our participants receive high quality, professional, relevant content."
Delia Genera, HR Specialist

Kathleen presents real-life, practical ideas and tips that your audience can immediately apply.

"Your presentation addressed the audience members' challenges and gave them practical tips and strategies for how to live according to their priorities. They came away with tools and actions to improve the balance and reduce the stress in their lives."
Scott Hinton, President

Kathleen customizes her presentations using stories and examples that your audience can relate to.

"Very charismatic speaker! Kathleen presented the material in an interesting way and gave examples to make it relevant to work as well as personal life."
Valerie Honcik, Financial Analyst

Kathleen's dynamic keynote speeches and interactive corporate training will inspire your audience to live a purpose-driven and balanced life. Her programs will help your audience members become more productive and effective, thus enhancing the success of your organization!

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Kathleen Barton - Your Life Balance Coach