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What Clients Say

"You were absolutely fantastic! You are such a vibrant speaker, and presented informative and practical tips for all participants."
Susan Nauss Exon, Director, Law & Public Policy

"Kathleen understands our organization and adapts her expertise to make sure our participants receive high quality, professional, relevant content. Kathleen is very passionate about the work she does, as it shows in her presentation style and her ability to connect with her audience."
Delia Genera, Training Manager

"What a great speech! I was thoroughly mesmerized! There is so much I could relate to that I felt I hung on to your every word."
Sonia Arvanites, Customer Support Representative

“Attending this workshop has truly changed my life.  Kathleen placed some hard truths into perspective for me.  I thought about the times that I’ve wasted working on what was really not important.  I am now working smarter not harder.  I highly recommend this excellent workshop for anyone who has trouble managing the tasks of their personal and professional lives.” 
Mary Howard Malcolm, Assistant Director, Technology Training

"Wow! I got a lot out of your presentation. It opened my eyes to what was really important to me. The presentation gave me renewed energy for both work and home. Thank you!"
Kimberly Read, Director of Events

"Knowledge, expertise and professionalism with personality!"
Bill Truettner, Market Intelligence Manager

"Your presentation was inspiring, entertaining and at times humorous. You helped us connect with our purpose and passion, and persevere in our efforts to serve retired teachers."
Angelique Hill, Executive Director

"Awesome job! Extremely knowledgeable and has practical ways to apply information."
Isaac George, Test Environments Manager

"I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation! Each person gained valuable insight on their life from a new perspective. I particularly liked your illustrations and the practical tips you provided on how to balance work & life. By sharing your personal experience, your stories really brought it alive!"
Connie Stafford Sherman, Vice President, Administrative Services

"Very charismatic speaker! Kathleen presented the material in an interesting way and gave examples to make it relevant to work as well as personal life."
Valerie Honcik, Financial Analyst


Kathleen Barton - Your Life Balance Coach